Deodorant 1940/1941 USLI 39

Productnr.: USLI 39


Spuitbusje deodorant SNO-MIST (1940/1941) for Men and Women Spuit als een poeder maar blijft achter als een creme

Een zeer zeer zeldzaam Spuitbusje deodorant SNO-MIST (1940/1941) for Men and Women.Spuit als een poeder maar blijft achter als een creme

De prijs is voor 1 blikje

For Men and Women staat op het blikje. Ook het gedrukte zegel van Good Housekeeping met Tested and Approved is zichtbaar. Dit werd gebruikt tot in mei 1941 toen de Amerikaanse "voedsel en warenautoriteit" deze term verbood. Zie tekst

The Seal became the object of controversy initiated by several government agencies, which ultimately resulted in an action by the Federal Trade Commission against Good Housekeeping. The FTC was given certain powers to control advertising that appeared to violate the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act and the Wheeler-Lea Act of 1938. In 1939 the FTC filed a complaint charging Good Housekeeping with misleading and deceptive acts and practices in the issuance of guarantees and Seals of Approval and the publication of advertising that contained grossly exaggerated and false claims. Hearings were held for almost two years, and in May 1941, the FTC issued an order directing Good Housekeeping to cease and desist from the use of seals declaring that its advertised products had been tested and approved. It declared that, while tests were made by Good Housekeeping, such tests were generally not sufficient to assure fulfillment of the claims made for such products. The FTC found that the magazine was publishing advertising containing deceptive statements about specific advertised products. A cease and desist order was signed by Hearst, and the words "Tested and Approved" were deleted and replaced with the words "Replacement or Refund of Money Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping."

Zie advertentie in Life van 23 juni 1941